Sothys – the foundation

Sothys Glowing hydration foundation

‘Sothys, it’s French!’  I say to my French gal pal.  But she’s never heard of it before. I was a little shocked, I had this firm belief most French chics besides being pharmacy savvy new most their local produce. After all their flagship is on Saint Honore – to most extent that means it’s big!  But nevertheless it was unknown to her. So allow me to introduce Sothys!

More known for their skincare products with in house beauty rooms adopting their own developed faucial programmes Sothys has mostly been a boutique salon product.  All boutiques here using Sothys follow through with their range of body and facial treatments.

I got onto them when I was little because of my broken and fragile capillaries.  For facial products, aside from some core staples (eg, EA 8 hour balm) I tend to switch between products and brands (I have this theory tour skin stays challenged!) but for makeup I tend to find something I love and it goes on repeat.  And this Sothys foundation is on repeat.

What? Sothys Glowing Hydrating Foundation

My shade? B10

Texture? A very silky cream (not creme so it’s super easy to spread and apply). Feels so luxurious and it glides on so! Very easy to work with – fingers or brush applicator.

Coverage? Light to medium (reapply for fuller coverage).  I tend towards light cover so the pump amount pictured below is what covers my face and its a natural cover achieved. Wait and reapply for fuller coverage.  I always finish off with loose powder.

Sothys glowing hydrating foundation b10

Verdict? If you like creamy texture (not powdery) and don’t want the oily or cakey look or feel – this is a MUST TRY.

Image: shot on my iPhone 6 Plus

Available at all leading Sothys stocking boutique salons.



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