In search of Barbie pink

opi lucky lucky lavender

Barbie Nails

I got inspired by a client of mine.  She obviously had her nails done at a salon, but the color was just gorgeous.  It was a Barbie pink color.  Theres 2 sides of this debate: its either a Barbie pinked out strong  opaque pink or in my case it is a pink with a very subtle blue undertone.

Search and you will find as I did through OPI.   I found their Lucky Lucky Lavender shade which was just that – girly, pink with a blue undertone, and perfect applied one coat (as is my habit).  It is hard at times to find color matches, but the good thing is the OPI counters always have the color swatches for you to ‘try on’ the product color – which is always better indication than looking at the color through a glassed bottle.

TIP: to really get a salon look: repeat a second layer for a thicker appearance and/or  follow up with a glossy top coat.

opi lucky lucky lavender barbie pink nail polish


opi lucky lucky lavender swatch


opi lucky lucky lavender review, best barbie pink nail polish


Images: shot on my iPhone 6 Plus


signet trove-by-lily


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