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Have you ever looked at your nail polish collection and think “color overload”? Do you use half of all the colors you actually have in the box? I know I didn’t, so it inspired me to review and filter through all the colors to create the “essential nail polish color range” all beauty mavens should have.  These are timeless colors which are worthy of the splurge to get the ‘designer’ or better product!  You can probably tell in the first image from the passing of light through the bottles, I have used these colors very frequently that they are all have empty!

So 7 bottles, 7 days – from a sumptuous red wine color to a classic manicured look, I’ve got you covered

TIP: Maximise use of your nail polish:

I also tend not to wait till nail polish starts to really chip off before removing them. Main reason is that the bottles last for a decent time, and the last thing you want is to have a good nail polish spoil because its been sitting around for way too long. So I just have a color on for a few days then I remove the color, have a few days without then switch. Or if I need to match an outfit or occassion, I’ll remove the color even if it was just put on yesterday.  Again the reason is these bottles do last a decent time, so no need to maximise by waiting for them to start chipping.  Just enjoy them. Wear your nail polish, don’t let them wear you!!!

From left to right:

ysl black nail polish

Classic noir: YSL La Laque Couture 27 Noir Primitif –  when you want to amp up the vamp, or channel a little boy look with jeans, tee and leather jacket!

tom ford viper nail polish

Vintage vampy color: Tom Ford Viper – intoxicating vampy color for an elegant or opulent night out!

essie bordeaux red nail polish review

Deep luxurious red wine color: Essie Bordeaux –  double coat – indulgent, sexy and mysterious.

dior pandore 755 nail polish

Orangy-red : Dior Pandore 754 – love this jungle red color which puts a nice spin during warmer months if you need something a little lighter than a rouge.

dior rouge 999 nail polish

Classic rouge: Dior 999 – what else more is there to say?!

butter london tea with the queen nail polish

Demure beige for classic but modern take on nude nails: Butter London Tea with the Queen – imagine English tea party, work function where red is a little over top, this color works a treat contrasting with an LBD. The new simple, classic combination without your boy cringing from a plethora of color confusion!

dior diorlisse abricot snow pink

Classic French manicure nude: Dior Diorlisse Abricot in Snow Pink – this works a wonder on bare nails.  If you grow your nails a little bit, file them into shape and just apply 2 coats, you’ll find you have a DIY French manicure without lashing out for a salon treatment. Great for the busy on-the-go lifestyle, or budget buster! I love this color and trick!

What colors make your cult classics? Love to hear what colors top your list!


images: shot on my iPhone 6 Plus


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