kjaer weis (not so) above and beyond

kjaer weiss above and beyond cream blush


kjaer weis above and beyond cream blush

I purchased this for close to $70. And I was motivated to buy it because I loved the pinky coral color, it was green and the packaging was gorgeous (and refillable).

It was also the first – and last time – I would buy from Kjaer Weis.

WHY? you ask!

The color is gorgeous.

The texture is great for cheeks and eye lids, not so much for lips.

The packaging is smart , but a little heavy.

kjaer weis Cream Blush – Above and Beyond


Please look closely at the images I took. When I received it, it had black spots on the surface. I know green products tend to ‘sweat’ a little, but they never have I opened one to find black spots like tiny mould! It is a very expensive product to receive it like that.

I EMAILED them straight away with images, but I NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY – wow right?!

I used it TWICE after wiping the top layer off.  But they come back again. Its winter here and dry, so it hasn’t been subject to humid wet conditions to make it mould. I have come to the conclusion that it is a bad formulation. I am not comfortable that this product produces those black spots. So it has been disposed off right after taking these images.



Green beauty is great, but there needs to be standards to ensure products have a reasonable life span from time of manufacture to time the item actually gets into the hands of a consumer for use.

This particular Kjaer Weis product I purchased is not of that standard. Unfortunately they chose to ignore my one and only email to them. I don’t know if the other products in the Kjaer Weis line are the same, but I am not enticed to try them either.

So please check carefully before buying anything. Hope this helps if you have been thinking of purchasing this particular product.

With reservations,

All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.





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