Shade: 22 – their best selling shade.

Color: is a great match for my skin. I use Charlotte Tilbury Fair 1 but I am not procelain complexion but fair. (Foundations tend to oxidise so the Fair 1 is best shade once it settles in).

Coverage: Buildable, good. You will have to layer it to cover pigmentation but it does a good job.  See below pictures , my pigment spot can be covered with a second layering of the product.

Texture: its a cream. Because it is natural, it is creamy and oil based. So for those cautious about potential CONGESTION – I would spot use this and avoid areas that easily congest. For others, the brand recommended you can actually use it as a full face foundation.  Though I haven’t tried since I do tend to congest.  But so far so good!

Wear time: cool weather, product is more solid so you have to warm it up a bit. And the opposite in summer, work quickly and would probably need to powder as it will oil up during the day. In saying that you might find the product won’t last a full day without touch-ups.

Ingredients: I always like to include them to share with you guys. Bit of an ingredient snob – just so important when your skin is SENSITIVE! So here it is below:


Overall: good green product, I would reserve this for use as a concealer because of my skin’s tendency to get congested. It is worth a try, but if you want strong hold you might need to look for conventional makeup/concealer/foundation long wear products. This won’t form a staple but it was worth a try!

What are your thought on the cult beauty product?




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