Conquer the linen pants look



Linen pants aren’t always the easiest to pull off. If you’re not tall you can feel that wide leg trousers make you even shorter.  Some others feel that it makes them feel well…fat. But neither should be the case.

I believe in pushing boundaries to the extent you are comfortable with. I used to have one basic rule – anything black – period. Then in uni came the love of grey (which I still do like evidently from above!).  I still do wear black jeans most of the time, but it is letting yourself experiment which marks the beginning of change – whether it’s just wanting to be more “fashionable” or whether it is something deeper in life such as have a more positive outlook or changing your situation or just simply breaking the routine and spruiking things up a bit.   I believe new experiences contributes to the overall balance in life. It’s all about baby steps…



So to toast a new fashionable way or something deeper, I’ve found items currently available to put together.

Grey tee also from NSAP Paris

Striped LEM LEM linen pants

Black suede mules from ASOS.

Above I’m wearing some vintage Uniqlo linen pants and NSAP tee which is also vintage.



Images credit of respective websites; central image shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.


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