charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick swatches and review


This is a lead on to Part I of my review of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution lipstick line here.

I’ve since changed up the lipstick wardrobe, giving up some colors such as Very Victoria and Amazing Grace, and have added 2 brand new-ish ones: Secret Salma , Super Cindy and Pillow Talk which launched earlier this year.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick swatches and review

So I have updated the swatches altogether here of the current 5 lipsticks I keep on rotation being:

These 2 just below are all along the lines of neutral tones.

Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy – neutral peach pink. It’s a bit 60s, when you want a neutral but not beige like you’re wearing concealer but instead a peach undertone. This goes well with a winged eyeliner for the evening.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk – neutral burnt rose – this is your lips but better! Perfect for everyday wear.

This one – Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma – is a more lively bruised rose with pink tones. It comes up lighter on my lips then what is shown on Charlotte Tilbury’s website. See my swatch below.

Lastly 2 below are the darker red tones:

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl – this is a brown with red tinge.

Charlotte Tilbury Walk of Shame –  red with a tinge of brown.

I consider the Bond Girl and Walk of Shame are almost the opposite of each other.

The texture and wear are the same across all of them, and they still have that dreamy vanilla scent which I love! I’ve been enjoying the Pillow Talk and Secret Salma on a daily basis, and switch to the other 3 for evenings.

How do you wear your Matte Revolution? I’d love to know!


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus




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