new look sisterhood yellow slogan jumper

Thanks to Bella Freud who started this whole trend, statement jumpers are here to stay.

The best weekend rebound when you want to stay fashionable but casual, or for those who take street style seriously and want to be seen in the latest status symbol of on point fashioness.

I like to wear these for the sake of casualness with a hint of fashionista rather than making a bold statement.  Something FUN, something LIGHT-HEARTED…is what I want from wearing these jumpers.

There are some slogans that are very well…unapologetic. I like to retain a certain polite society and try not to wear a slogan jumper that is too polarizing.

Here are some pics from high end to high street, pictured from left to right:

Bella Freud 1970 red slogan jumper.

Alberta Ferretti Sunday slogan jumper.

New Look No Rules slogan jumper.

And finally the top I’m wearing above is the New Look Sisterhood slogan jumper.


If you haven’t delved into this trend yet, I hope this entices you to.


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus




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