NutriBullet 1000W


NutriBullet 1000W

NutriBullet – not a craze!!

I purchased a NutriBullet 1 week ago in a bid to motivate myself and totally REBOOT my health whilst on uni vacay.

The model I bought was the NutriBullet 1000W.

How it works:

It is very intuitive

(1) Top up with your desired ingredients to the max line on the cups (I must admit I’ve gone beyond the limit on many occasions as you can see from above – but just be careful about doing so, because the maximum line on the cups account for space required by the actual blending part when you cap the lid on!).

(2) Plug it in and flip the switch, it automatically blitzes and about 1 min it will automatically stop.


  • Space saving design
  • Very simple to use and very simple to clean (no need to take apart everything to clean!)
  • Claim’s to extract the nutrients and optimize nutrition obtained from your juices (I have no way to test this out, so I will trust they’ve done all their research).
  • Very easy to make any creation you like whether its water based or milk based.


  • It is a little louder and I didn’t use any ice cubes – so noise level might be slightly up if you do blitz very solid items.
  • The main negative I noticed is that the juice tends to heat up, and I believe it is from the transfer of heat from the actual extraction cutters motor part of the Nutribullet. All my ingredients aren’t at room temperature, they were taken from the fridge, cut and placed directly into the cups. So I think it is heat from the motor which causes the top of the juice to be slightly warm when you drink it straight from the NutriBullet cup.
  • As part of the heat generated from the motor running the extraction cutters, it therefore forms a slight suction, which I imaging will be more if you are blitzing a hot soup! So just a little caution to slowly open the lid after blitzing is complete!


Overall I’ve been super happy with the NutriBullet. Besides the first few sips being warm from the processing, it is very easy to use – especially for those who have busy mornings, or like efficiency! I have been using this for the week since I got it and have not found it inconvenient to use/clean. So I will be happily using this daily from now on. I will update here again, it any other thoughts come up!

To finish I’d like to share my green juice recipe with you.

NutriBullet 1000W

Makes the perfect single serve

Use the 500ml short cup

1/2 Granny Smith

1/2 Kiwi

1/4 Cucumber

1 Generous handful of spinach

6 small leaves of fresh mint.

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Filtered water

Method: (1) Put all the above ingredients into the NutriBullet Short Cup. (2) Then fill with water to about 1/2 way up to the ‘max’ line of the cup. If the contents have exceeded the max line, I push down on the ingredients a little to make sure the cutter cap can be screwed on easily without pressure. (3) Now plug in, turn on the switch, and it will do the rest itself. (4) ENJOY!


Have you had any experiences with the NutriBullet? What did you like/dislike about it?

All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.



Antipodes Moisture Boost lipstick

antipodes moisture boost lipstick west coast sunset

Antipodes Moisture Boost Lipstick 

Shade: West Coast Sunset

I am clearly on a winner with Antipodes beauty range at the moment!

Price-point: I purchased this lipstick from local department store for A$29 – which is a very reasonable price for a beauty brand makeup which is both natural and scientifically proven.  This is the main reason I love Antipodes plus they work and don’t sensitize my skin.

Color: Classic orange-red. This is great to match in winter when you skin is a shade lighter and is super sultry in summer when your skin has a slight golden tan. For me this color exudes a “nouveau red carpet glamour” (I reserve the blue based reds for the classic old school glamourous Hollywood screen siren look).

Below are pictures worn on in day light and room light & swatched under daylight and room light.

Application: One swipe is not enough to show color. I have come to the conclusion this is due to the fact that this smart lipstick has all the properties of a moisturizing lip balm. Yet with a few swipes, you get lasting opaque color.  Now that is science at its best – a truly hydrating lipstick which actually keeps color on your lips throughout the day.

Scent: There is virtually no scent to this but for a hint of balm like scent. Certainly there is no chemically or artificial scent because this product is made from natural ingredients rather than artificial substances.

Ingredients: I like how they’ve playfully dubbed this as “I’m so healthy you could almost eat me” – to some extent it is true – look at their ingredients below.  Plus look how cute their packaging is and it is 100% recyclable).

Final words: I think it is abundantly clear that this Antipodes Moisture Boost Lipstick range is a winner for me. This is a brand which is scientific, they do their research, they use the best naturally derived ingredients, and they are thoughtful about the environment and space we live on.  You can’t get better than a brand which respects the abundant resources nature gives us. I’m a proud supporter of this brand, and hope they continue to keep green innovating. Which color to try next is the burning question?!

Have you tried any Antipodes products – what were your thoughts? Leave a comment below or pm me. Thank you and have a great day everyone 🙂




All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus

Antipodes cult classics review

Antipodes skincare classics reviews

antipodes water serum worship and hosanna

Antipodes Cult Classics – a review

I’ve been trying out these 4 products from the Antipodes line up over the past few months and am writing to share my opinion on these:

Antipodes Worship Serum

Antipodes Hosanna Serum

Antipodes Joyous Serum

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream

Firstly, Antipodes hails from New Zealand and is an all natural but scientifically backed skincare range (tick for nature, tick for serious skincare science)! These are 2 important factors I look for in any skincare now today. They must be as natural or sourced from natural ingredients and must be able to back up their claims with proven testing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these 4 products, but my absolute favorite is the Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream.

But working backwards – lets start with the water serums – the Worship and Hosanna:

antipodes hosanna and worship serumantipodes hosanna and worship serum

(picture left is Worship and right Hosanna)

TEXTURE: Both are similar consistency – they are water serums, so they are a big plus for those who congest easily (as I do) and they absorb very easily.

SCENT: The scent is natural concoction of spicy, berry, vanilla accents which enables you to connect with nature and if you use it first thing in the morning gives a fresh positive zing to the start of the day. As I have dry skin I used both of these in the morning to help boost moisture (Hosanna) and the antioxidant boost (Worship).

THE SCIENCE:  Hosanna hydrates and having been scientifically shown to stimulate Type I collagen production in human fibroblast skin cells by up to 72%.  And Worship to provide natural antioxidant boosts to keep free radicals at bay, being scientifically shown to inhibit oxidative stress in-vitro by up to 90%.

THE FEELING: When I applied these they absorbed very easily, but because they are water based these have worked better for me in warmer climate and seasons (rather than winter, as I require heavier serum during these months). I also felt a slight tightening effect – I’m not sure if this is the effect intended in terms of stimulating collagen or just the effect of a water serum (as I haven’t previously used a purely water serum before). For this reason I feel these cannot be used by themselves but should be followed with a moisturiser.   However what I did do was to decant a mix of this in a little travel spray and spritz this in the day – this works a wonder!

Antipodes Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum:

This is a little magical product. Its such a light oil based serum I have found that I have been able to use this (though not everynight) and not congest!

TEXTURE: feels like a luxurious but very light oil.

antipodes joyous protein-rich night serum antipodes joyous protein-rich night serum

THE SCENT: is a gorgeous raspberry seed oil scent with hints of other berries (it has goji, blackcurrant) and a touch of floral (hibiscus) – I love this scent, and it is the perfect scent for the evening – just when you need to take the day off and really relax into a deep sleep.  It’s not a sickly sweet scent but you can smell the fruit. It has a golden smell to it (you’ll have to try it to know what I mean!).

THE SCIENCE: The raspberry smell aint in there for no reason. Anitpodes has done their research and found that the Himalayan goji berry boasts up to 19 amino acids to help optimise your skin’s appearance. Red raspberry seed oil is rich in essential oils which help to promote elastin production.

THE FEELING: as mentioned it is light almost transparent. I only use one small drop and pat it over my face and another drop over the neck and decolette. It really helps to calm the skin, seriously plump it keep it hydrated and soft to touch.   This really has been a joy to use and I highly recommend this.

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream

antipodes manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream

This was my hero product from the Antipodes range (along with the Joyous serum).  It also comes in a surprisingly generous 30ml jar compared to most other eye creams which come in half the size.

TEXTURE: light smooth cream for the eyes. Not oily but sufficient to hydrate the area.

antipodes manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream

THE SCENT: smells exactly like manuka honey, which dissipates quickly. So if you find manuka honey a strong scent – do not worry, it absorbs in nicely and scent does not linger.

THE SCIENCE: Manuka honey was utilised to help fight inflammation and hydrate.  It also contains vitamin A and E which are vital to anti-aging and moisturisation.

THE FEELING: it feels light and delicate, and absorbs easily but sufficiently dense to moisturise the eyes without the congestion which is why I really love this eye cream. Normally creams have a tendency to build up oiliness causing little pimples or milia around the area for me, but this one has not caused any problems and works effectively to hydrate the eye area without sensitivity.

This product was so good, my mum has taken mine to use – so I bought her one too!

Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Antipodes range – my absolute faves are the Manuka eye cream coming 1st for me, followed very closely by the Joyous serum. These are definitely 2 products I will invest in again in my skincare repertoire!

Have you used any Antipodes products yet? I’m really keen to try out more, so look for my next update in the near future 🙂 In the meantime you can discover their full range here.

THank you and have a great one!


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus


Grown Alchemist Detox Serum – a reflection

grown alchemist detox serum

grown alchemist detox serum

Grown Alchemist


I picked this up from my local chemist. I was attracted by their detail to the active ingredients and of course the naturalness of this brand.  And I was primarily seeking an alternative to the pricey B vitamin I was using at the time but this Grown Detox Serum didn’t cut it.  I have since switched to another now and happily settled on that.


It claims (extracted from their site) and I quote:



So how did I feel? Well actually not much difference to my skin in the end.

Texture: It is lightweight and oil free and does in fact absorb easily – which I really like. Has a brownish tinge as seen in picture below.

BUT my concern is that it formed sediment or it appeared to be the case of ‘contents may settle’ because every morning I picked it up to use, there was a cloudy formation at the bottom of the bottle.  This was evident from time of unboxing.

However please note that it is not a moisturizing serum (not for me anyway and I don’t think it claims that). So I do follow with a serum and moisturizer.

grown alchemist detox serum

The scent is obvious and takes time to get used to:  herby (gernamium like), vinegary.

Overall: The product sounds like a great detoxification for the skin, but I didn’t feel it for my skin (didn’t change anything I could see and this is after 80% use of the bottle), couldn’t get used to the scent, and the cloudy contents made it overall a product which I won’t be  reinvesting in.

I would probably urge you to test a bit first, go to local stockist and try it at the back of your hand and see if its a texture, scent you like.

A little disappointing, but hope this helps in giving you some further information on my personal experiences. This may not be the case for you – if you’ve had better experiences, please let me know! Love to hear any comments/thoughts/feedback.

THank you and have a great one!


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus