kjaer weis (not so) above and beyond

kjaer weiss above and beyond cream blush

kjaer weiss above and beyond cream blush


kjaer weis above and beyond cream blush

I purchased this for close to $70. And I was motivated to buy it because I loved the pinky coral color, it was green and the packaging was gorgeous (and refillable).

It was also the first – and last time – I would buy from Kjaer Weis.

WHY? you ask!

The color is gorgeous.

The texture is great for cheeks and eye lids, not so much for lips.

The packaging is smart , but a little heavy.

kjaer weis Cream Blush – Above and Beyond


Please look closely at the images I took. When I received it, it had black spots on the surface. I know green products tend to ‘sweat’ a little, but they never have I opened one to find black spots like tiny mould! It is a very expensive product to receive it like that.

I EMAILED them straight away with images, but I NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY – wow right?!

I used it TWICE after wiping the top layer off.  But they come back again. Its winter here and dry, so it hasn’t been subject to humid wet conditions to make it mould. I have come to the conclusion that it is a bad formulation. I am not comfortable that this product produces those black spots. So it has been disposed off right after taking these images.



Green beauty is great, but there needs to be standards to ensure products have a reasonable life span from time of manufacture to time the item actually gets into the hands of a consumer for use.

This particular Kjaer Weis product I purchased is not of that standard. Unfortunately they chose to ignore my one and only email to them. I don’t know if the other products in the Kjaer Weis line are the same, but I am not enticed to try them either.

So please check carefully before buying anything. Hope this helps if you have been thinking of purchasing this particular product.

With reservations,

All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.





Antipodes Moisture Boost lipstick

antipodes moisture boost lipstick west coast sunset

Antipodes Moisture Boost Lipstick 

Shade: West Coast Sunset

I am clearly on a winner with Antipodes beauty range at the moment!

Price-point: I purchased this lipstick from local department store for A$29 – which is a very reasonable price for a beauty brand makeup which is both natural and scientifically proven.  This is the main reason I love Antipodes plus they work and don’t sensitize my skin.

Color: Classic orange-red. This is great to match in winter when you skin is a shade lighter and is super sultry in summer when your skin has a slight golden tan. For me this color exudes a “nouveau red carpet glamour” (I reserve the blue based reds for the classic old school glamourous Hollywood screen siren look).

Below are pictures worn on in day light and room light & swatched under daylight and room light.

Application: One swipe is not enough to show color. I have come to the conclusion this is due to the fact that this smart lipstick has all the properties of a moisturizing lip balm. Yet with a few swipes, you get lasting opaque color.  Now that is science at its best – a truly hydrating lipstick which actually keeps color on your lips throughout the day.

Scent: There is virtually no scent to this but for a hint of balm like scent. Certainly there is no chemically or artificial scent because this product is made from natural ingredients rather than artificial substances.

Ingredients: I like how they’ve playfully dubbed this as “I’m so healthy you could almost eat me” – to some extent it is true – look at their ingredients below.  Plus look how cute their packaging is and it is 100% recyclable).

Final words: I think it is abundantly clear that this Antipodes Moisture Boost Lipstick range is a winner for me. This is a brand which is scientific, they do their research, they use the best naturally derived ingredients, and they are thoughtful about the environment and space we live on.  You can’t get better than a brand which respects the abundant resources nature gives us. I’m a proud supporter of this brand, and hope they continue to keep green innovating. Which color to try next is the burning question?!

Have you tried any Antipodes products – what were your thoughts? Leave a comment below or pm me. Thank you and have a great day everyone 🙂




All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus

Korean BB cushion foundations: April Skin v Missha M Magic

korean bb cushion review april skin snow cushion missha m magic cusion



korean bb cushion review april skin snow cushion missha m magic cusion

April Skin Black Magic Snow Cushion 2.0


Missha M Magic Cushion

This is a review of 2 recently purchased Korean cushions.

I’ve only used a compact foundation once in my life – and that was the MAC Studio Fix when I was in late middle school years! I’ve avoided them because they are generally not too great for dry skin and where they aim to be more moisturising and are a little like a paste consistency (like the MAC Studio Fix) then it can oil up during the day :(.

I was first alerted to bb cushions many years back by a Korean friend who had, at that time (like maybe 5 years ago), returned from a wedding in Korea. She told the IOPE cushion was ALL the rage, and they were at the time, the first one on the market.

Fast foward till 2017, I’ve just gotten my first lot lol – delayed, but I’m here!

Apologies for the ordinary photos, I wanted to how you immediately all the packaging and details.

Many people look for the ingredients so here they are side by side:


My opinion is they really are a foundation in terms of formulation more than a bb?

And for those of you who read Korean, here is there respective blah on the packaging!

And now the first glimpse inside the compacts: Note how the April Skin mirror looks hazy and the Missha one looks clean? They both came hazy looking, I did this to show you it is normal! Just peel of the plastic protective film on the mirror and they both will show a shiny reflective mirror underneath 🙂 Many people have commented about a foggy mirror when they first open it up, so hope this clarifies it in advance – so no one gets shocked!

And the underside

And underside of actual sponges

And the cover seal to the actual sponge


And the first release of color for the Missha

And the first release of color for the April Skin

Comparison: I’m doing this in a table because I think it’ll deliver the information succintly!

Description April Skin Black Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 Missha M Magic Cushion
Color 21

This was a better color for me. Blended nicely and gave a more subtle “brightening” effect. Though it has a pink tone. I say more subtle than Missha because this is a MATTE finish. Though it says matte, it is for me semi-matte. Gives a nice glow which I like. Not oily but luminous.


This 21 is a tinge more yellow on the skin. But very fair on face. Too fair, I would need a shade up. But it gives that instant “dewy, brightening” effect – like exactly the way you see the ads!  This gives a relatively more brighter effect because (besides being a touch lighter) it is more moist finish.

SPF 50+ 50+
Sizing Larger diameter, April Skin slightly shorter Smaller diameter, Missha slightly taller
Cushion April Skin uses a mochi cushon which injects foundation into centre like a burger if you will. So when you first open it, no foundation appears until you press it. Foundation already soaked throughout sponge.
Coverage Not as sheer (because of its (semi-)matte finish) but under a medium coverage. Sheer – which you can build up because of its moist finish.
How it settles This did show some dryness but because of its semi-matte finish, it finishes more like a regular foundation. It settled better on my skin relative to the Missha but it is nevertheless still drying on me by lunch time. The color is more suitable for me whilst retaining a fair bright look. Whilst its moist, up close it still shows or catches dryness on skin. Hard to explain. So whilst it looks dewy moist in general, when you go close enough to a mirror I could still see all the dryness on my face. This is quite pronounced by lunch time. Kind of shiny and dry and same time which is awkward.
Overall This was better finish than the Missha for my skin. Semi matte which I liked. But nevertheless by lunch time, the dryness issue surfaced up – showing areas of dryness. Because of how it settles – its moist yet dry apperance, it has confused me and is not suitable for my skin.

Final comment: if you have dry skin, and can get dry patches even with fluid foundation, then I would avoid the use of cushion compacts.

As much as I wanted to get into this whole cushion culture – it just aint for my skin type 😦

I really hope you all enjoyed this, and the pictures have of the product have been sufficient.

In generally I find round sponge applications always a little awkward to apply around the eye area, so most times I’ll just my fingers to apply close to eye area.

What Korean bb cushions have you used before?

Note: In terms of how long they last – I’ll update once I do complete them 🙂 so stay tuned, but from others I’ve heard its about 8 weeks or so?

Please leave me you thoughts and experiences with these Korean bb cushions – I’d love to know what your thoughts are on these?


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.


The Matte Lip Revolution

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick swatches




My Matte Lip Revolution

I’ll blame Charlotte for this because I have always avoided wearing lipstick, and now I own 6 of her lipsticks which slowly happened from her first launch in 2014.

For those of you still discovering her range (me included), I have endeavoured to swatch all the colors I have in the lipsticks (and her other lines), so you can get a feel of the color, texture and thoughts.

I have swatched them and taken a shot under natural light and room lighting.

You can see from the first picture where I compare it to the lipsticks swatched onto white paper, they translate very close on paper and on skin. In try all of those colors I will also say for me, I have naturally darker lips and the colors show up as swatched but just a shade darker than on my skin.

If that makes sense, you can still see those colors coming through, but it will just look a fraction darker on darker lips and more intense on paler lips!

Now for the colors:

Bond girl  – my fave, is a brown red.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick bond girl

Walk of shame – very very close to Bond Girl but just a touch more red than Bond girl.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick walk of shame

Hepburn Honey – is a nice caramel brown with a slight hint of peach.  I use this as a lifted neutral beige lip rather than a flat beige (as in brown). Note also: Hepburn Honey is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range not the Matte Revolution.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick hepburn honey

Amazing Grace – I will say the least of my favorite because light colors don’t work that well on my lips. It’s a soft salmon pink color. Comes up brighter under light.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick amazing grace

Red Carpet Red – a Hollywood red as the name suggests. Catching rouge great for cocktail hour or date night!

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick red carpet red

Very Victoria – is a powdery brown color if I can put it that way. If you refer to the picture of it under natural light, you can see it has almost a subtle burnt rose to it.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick very victoria

My picks:

Bond girl for a work ready red – I would use this day/night

Very Victoria for a matte brown (winter) – I would use this day/night

Hepburn Honey – caramel peachy brown (for summer) – I would you this day/night paired with smokey eye

Red carpet red – for the evening!


Creamy, easy to apply with the square nib, and they have an amazing vanilla pod scent.

They won’t hydrate your lips in a glossy way as they are suppose to be matte, but at the same time they won’t flake your lips either.

My tip: if you have quite dry flaky lips to begin with, make sure you prep in evening before bed. I like to use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm – its a classic and my beauty must have.

My next: I’m looking at at Secret Salma hot lips lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury’s collection. Has anyone tried it? Did you like it?  I’ll update as more colours are tested 🙂

Hope you have all enjoyed this and it has helped in choosing colours.


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus