Victoria beckham x estee lauder lip liner

victoria beckham estee lauder nude lip liner 01 victoria



victoria beckham estee lauder nude lip liner 01 victoria


Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder nude lip liner

Shade: 01 Victoria

Verdict: I love this lip liner. It is the most CREAMY, EASY to APPLY lip liner pencil that I have tested. Although she does say it gives you a nice NUDE lip base, it does run a little more BROWNER – so a “brown nude” than a “beige nude”. So I think the best way to get a subtle lip liner – don’t use pressure to apply it. But if you want to fill your whole lip with a nude-brown color then this is it – fire away, apply a little pressure and fill your whole lips in! It’s what I have been doing 🙂

victoria beckham estee lauder nude lip liner 01 victoria

Ingredients: As always, I try to upload the ingredients on the packaging so you all can see what goes in it. It isn’t green beauty but nothing wrong with a healthy balance in life right? The 80/20 rule?!

victoria beckham estee lauder nude lip liner 01 victoria ingredients


EXTRA TIP:  Because it is so creamy I have multitasked this pencil to include:

  • being a lip linre
  • being a full lip color
  • being an eyeshadow
  • being a warming cheek color


It is $50 AUD but it is the creamiest lip liner I have come across and it works in many ways. I definitely think this is worth a try, it just doesn’t come up with a sharpener.



All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus


antipodes performance plus mineral foundation

Performance Plus Mineral Foundation

Performance Plus Mineral Foundation


Antipodes Performance Plus Mineral Foundation Light Yellow SPF15

I’ve had the opportunity to test this powder foundation by Antipodes. This was my FIRST POWDER foundation used, because my skin is dry I’ve been hesitant to use powders (dry cracks/flakey skin eww). However this goes against ALL ODDS!

Texture: finely milled soft powder.

Application: super easy. I pour a bit out in the palm of my hand, take my Real Techniques expert face brush, and dab first then swirl to blend in.

Coverage: even, smooth, silky, soft covreage. Plus it is buildable. Concealer will be needed for any deeper pigmentation or scarring, but redness and broken capillaries (for me) is covered.

Wear time: retains for full day, no touch up, but because it is mineral you will develop a slight shine which for me is more of that dewy glow that you get on the runway! So if you don’t like any shine, you might want to powder a little in the afternoon.

Color: I have Yellow 2 which is featured below. It is a little tanned for me, so I have purchased the Pale Pink 1, which is great match. And I use the Yellow 2 as a very light bronzer.

Ingredients: I love the sleek packaging. And of course I have included the ingredients list for Yellow 2 so you can see all the natural ingredients contained within.

Verdict: 11/10 –  this is the ONLY foundation that I have used where friends and colleagues have come up to ask me what I was using! It is absolutely amazing.

This foundation  contains Vinanza Grape & Kiwi which has been scientifically demonstrated positive effects on skin and is a core ingredient used in a lot of their other products.

Who would have thought powder foundations can be so good on dry skin.    It’s natural, it’s supports your skin and provides natural spf. I love it!

Have you used any Antipodes products, what are your thoughts.


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus






Shade: 22 – their best selling shade.

Color: is a great match for my skin. I use Charlotte Tilbury Fair 1 but I am not procelain complexion but fair. (Foundations tend to oxidise so the Fair 1 is best shade once it settles in).

Coverage: Buildable, good. You will have to layer it to cover pigmentation but it does a good job.  See below pictures , my pigment spot can be covered with a second layering of the product.

Texture: its a cream. Because it is natural, it is creamy and oil based. So for those cautious about potential CONGESTION – I would spot use this and avoid areas that easily congest. For others, the brand recommended you can actually use it as a full face foundation.  Though I haven’t tried since I do tend to congest.  But so far so good!

Wear time: cool weather, product is more solid so you have to warm it up a bit. And the opposite in summer, work quickly and would probably need to powder as it will oil up during the day. In saying that you might find the product won’t last a full day without touch-ups.

Ingredients: I always like to include them to share with you guys. Bit of an ingredient snob – just so important when your skin is SENSITIVE! So here it is below:


Overall: good green product, I would reserve this for use as a concealer because of my skin’s tendency to get congested. It is worth a try, but if you want strong hold you might need to look for conventional makeup/concealer/foundation long wear products. This won’t form a staple but it was worth a try!

What are your thought on the cult beauty product?



kjaer weis (not so) above and beyond

kjaer weiss above and beyond cream blush

kjaer weiss above and beyond cream blush


kjaer weis above and beyond cream blush

I purchased this for close to $70. And I was motivated to buy it because I loved the pinky coral color, it was green and the packaging was gorgeous (and refillable).

It was also the first – and last time – I would buy from Kjaer Weis.

WHY? you ask!

The color is gorgeous.

The texture is great for cheeks and eye lids, not so much for lips.

The packaging is smart , but a little heavy.

kjaer weis Cream Blush – Above and Beyond


Please look closely at the images I took. When I received it, it had black spots on the surface. I know green products tend to ‘sweat’ a little, but they never have I opened one to find black spots like tiny mould! It is a very expensive product to receive it like that.

I EMAILED them straight away with images, but I NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY – wow right?!

I used it TWICE after wiping the top layer off.  But they come back again. Its winter here and dry, so it hasn’t been subject to humid wet conditions to make it mould. I have come to the conclusion that it is a bad formulation. I am not comfortable that this product produces those black spots. So it has been disposed off right after taking these images.



Green beauty is great, but there needs to be standards to ensure products have a reasonable life span from time of manufacture to time the item actually gets into the hands of a consumer for use.

This particular Kjaer Weis product I purchased is not of that standard. Unfortunately they chose to ignore my one and only email to them. I don’t know if the other products in the Kjaer Weis line are the same, but I am not enticed to try them either.

So please check carefully before buying anything. Hope this helps if you have been thinking of purchasing this particular product.

With reservations,

All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.