tom ford black orchid perfume


tom ford black orchid perfume


Tom Ford Black Orchid

There’s not much to say but for the fact that it is opulence, mystery and seduction rolled into one.

An old favorite but just for the evening.


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Chanel No5 L’eau – my first Chanel no5 perfume



This is a quick little post. My first No5 perfume because I’ve always found No5 range to be very strong (I’m migraine sufferer and scent is one thing that can set it off).

I love this perfume because it is light and spirited but with a sensual maturity.

Composition: Citrus, Ylang ylang, cedar and white musk.

The scent translated: on first spray there is a lot of aldehyde type smell (typical of no5), then it gives rise to a powderiness followed by an undertone of citrus and musk.

Wearing tip: mainly you’re either one who wears perfumes on your clothes or one your skin. The Chanel No5 L’eau is definitely very different when you spray it on clothes versus directly on your skin. I use this on my skin because it settles into a much softer tone, presumably when mixed with your natural skin oils.  Spraying this on clothing only will retain a much longer lasting aldehyde component from L’eau.

I hope this has helped to decide whether you will try this perfume. Or if you already have it, do you like it or not?

chanel no5 l'eau perfume review


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Scensibility: the perfume collection

the perfume collection

Perfume Collections:

As 2016 has just begun it is the perfect time to pluck out the old and by-gone and consolidate my perfume collection.

The result is a collection of perfumes I switch between according to seasons, weather and mood.

LIGHT/FRUITY/SUMMERY: There is an assortment of citrusy scents like Hermes Jardin sur Le Nil (an absolute fave!) and Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche to sultry summer scents like Tom Ford’s Portofino (a must take on a seaside getaway).

SMOKEY/SPICY: Smokey scents – I really like mysterious, smoke scents such as Byredo’s Gypsy Water, and more spicy ones like Aesop’s Marrakech.

MASCULINE/UNISEX: I don’t mind borrowing from the boys. I remember once I stepped to work wearing Armani Mani and a male colleague came up to me and said ‘what are you wearing, it smells good!’ See – who says you can’t wear mens perfume – just pick it carefully as they tend to wear off with same undertone. So just got to pick one with a more subtle one.  For these unisex/masculine ones – Hermessence Poivre and Comme des Garcons Serptine.  My next purchase would have to be Comme des Garcons Wonderwood**

EARTHY/NATURY: All of Coqui Coqui’s perfumes will transport you to their Mexican retreats.  Surprisingly Chloe’s L’eau de Chloe has quite a green scent profile.

LINEN: The best linen spray I have to spritz room and sheets – SJP’s Lovely.  It’s the perfect night fragrance of fresh linen and just a inner peace and bliss to inhale before bedtime – which is so important as our skin uses this time to regenerate – so all the good thoughts and positive moods help!

SOPHISTICATED: These are ones that conjure a femme fatale sophistication and for night use – think cocktail parties/galas etc – Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Elie Saab’s Eau de Parfum and Chloe’s Intense eau de parum.

Et voila briefly my scent wardrobe decanted for you to enjoy!

I’m sure you’re probably just as an avid a perfume collector as I!  Have you used any of the above perfumes – what are your favorites.  Is there anything I should be adding to those scent profiles – love your suggestions 🙂

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