Hydration at any time, any where

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum: A Review

I had the pleasure of trialing this product in preparation for winter and I’m happy to share my thoughts and findings.

I am an advocate for serums. It was what initially saved my skin back in the uni days. I tell this story a lot because it is the truth. I have very dehydrated skin – to the extent where it used to flake around my nose (only the nose area) like I was shedding skin. I know it sounds gross but that was what it was.  I looked online and reached out for my first serum when I had saved enough money on my first job as a uni student. And it was the best purchase ever because with consistent use – though I still have dry skin, that persistent flaking problem has disappeared.

Fastfoward a decade later til today – I have developed a combination skin but with dehydrated areas persistent.  If you take a hydration detector to my skin, it would still show I’m dehydrated. But I do get a shine around the t-zone now. Seeing as cooler temps have hit, this was best time to subject this serum to the test.


bioderma hydrabio serum review

Packaging: This packaging is smart. It’s in a thin – easy to grab pump tube with a smart rotational lock, with a semi gloss not slip body. Great for travelling.

Texture: A semi-transparent gel texture, non-sticky, smooth to spread becoming slightly water like as you work it into skin. This makes it feel soothing and fresh.  It is easily absorbed and finishes matte (refer to pics above).

Scent: Gentle fragrance with a subtle hint of apple – it does contain apple fruit extract.

Result: As this finishes matte, I found this a very good base for makeup. For those of you who have read my other posts, I like to wear a sheer to medium coverage foundation. And if you tend to shine up, this matte finish is a great way to hydrate without the unwanted shine.  This serum has worked well and kept my makeup looking smooth to touch throughout the day. And because it is a matte finish I think this is perfect for summer nights where you definitely don’t want to feel sticky or oily after cleansing in the evening!

Other great points: It is non-comedogenic – so important to me because my skin tends to congest very easily to oils or rich products. It is hypoallergenic and has an allergen-free fragrance.

Tips to use: For morning you a generous pump, let absorb and continue on with your sunscreen and makeup routine.

For summer nights a generous pump comay see this serum sufficient in itself without a moisturiser (esp for those with an oily skin), otherwise for drier skin, spread a thin layer and top up with your evening moisturiser.

For winter evenings a generous pump and top up with your evening moisturiser/oil.


Overall: This is a great serum with a very reasonable price-point – at about $48 for 40ml it is a great serum to have as a staple in your beauty closet! I have yet to try this on a flight, but I think because of its texture and finish, it will be a great product to use on flights to top up and keep skin hydrated without all the excess shine.


I hope this has given more insight, if not a new staple for your beauty wardrobe.

Feel free to share your thoughts below on how you’ve gone with this product or any other of Bioderma’s. I always like learning about how products have worked out for other skin types and/or concerns.


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus.



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