rms beauty coconut cream

Quick little post here!

I had a little play with the RMS Coconut Cream.

It has been a staple of a look of green skincare.

I bought it for USD$18 from their website.

It is 100% coconut oil.

Texture: depends on weather. This affects use of it. When its cold you will have to warm it in your hands or gently massage it in. Versus in the cold it will solidify. In summer it will start to melt like the main picture above.

My use:

  1. I’ve used it to effectively take makeup off.  It feels luxurious when its warmed out and the day seems to just melt away!
  2. I’ve used it as a pre-shower mask for body.

Scent: 100% true coconut!

Note: Whilst it was fun to have a play with this product, I don’t use this all that often and it was really out of curiosity that I bought it. And I probably have used it in only limited areas of face to take off specifically lipstick and eye makeup. I ensure to double cleanse to take off all residue of oils because I am more prone to congestion myself. Hence this was a little naughty purchase! And I know some have concerns that coconut oil is comedogenic – however I am not sure if it is so and to what extent.

rms beauty raw coconut cream

rms beauty raw coconut cream rms beauty raw coconut cream

I hope this has helped anyone who was curious about it!

All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus



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