tata harper fortifying body lotion review


Tata Harper Fortifying Body Lotion


This is a quick little post about a lotion I have used for some time.

I purchased this a while back and it has lasted me a while. I guess to some extent is because I didn’t find that it did what it claimed – a corrective tissue treatment. Whether this was something discernable on a molecular level – I am not sure.  But to my naked eye and feel upon use, I didn’t find it to be corrective.  In terms of seeking a  “moisturising” lotion, I did not feel that it was moisturising enough for me.
The texture: light textured lotion, easily spreadable which is great. There is no stickiness to it.

But for me it felt like it was only surface acting – just the very top or external layers. I didn’t feel it to be a deep moisturising  lotion.
The scent: is herbal. It smells like you’ve stepped into a field of green and herbs – might be some of the thistle I am smelling?

I liked the fact there are no nasty chemicals, their ‘open lab’ transparency, and all made from naturally derived ingredients from their farm in Vermont (US). But this product unfortunately was not for me!

tata harper fortifying body lotion review

Pricepoint: AUD$98
It is a steep price point.  I believe if you have dry skin concerns, there are many other products at a better price point that will provide a deep hydration. This product is probably more suited to normal to oily skin type, or perhaps even for people who dwell or travel to warmer/humid climates.

Hope this has helped for anyone who was looking into this product.



Images: shot on my iPhone 6 Plus


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