The Matte Lip Revolution

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick swatches




My Matte Lip Revolution

I’ll blame Charlotte for this because I have always avoided wearing lipstick, and now I own 6 of her lipsticks which slowly happened from her first launch in 2014.

For those of you still discovering her range (me included), I have endeavoured to swatch all the colors I have in the lipsticks (and her other lines), so you can get a feel of the color, texture and thoughts.

I have swatched them and taken a shot under natural light and room lighting.

You can see from the first picture where I compare it to the lipsticks swatched onto white paper, they translate very close on paper and on skin. In try all of those colors I will also say for me, I have naturally darker lips and the colors show up as swatched but just a shade darker than on my skin.

If that makes sense, you can still see those colors coming through, but it will just look a fraction darker on darker lips and more intense on paler lips!

Now for the colors:

Bond girl  – my fave, is a brown red.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick bond girl

Walk of shame – very very close to Bond Girl but just a touch more red than Bond girl.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick walk of shame

Hepburn Honey – is a nice caramel brown with a slight hint of peach.  I use this as a lifted neutral beige lip rather than a flat beige (as in brown). Note also: Hepburn Honey is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range not the Matte Revolution.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick hepburn honey

Amazing Grace – I will say the least of my favorite because light colors don’t work that well on my lips. It’s a soft salmon pink color. Comes up brighter under light.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick amazing grace

Red Carpet Red – a Hollywood red as the name suggests. Catching rouge great for cocktail hour or date night!

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick red carpet red

Very Victoria – is a powdery brown color if I can put it that way. If you refer to the picture of it under natural light, you can see it has almost a subtle burnt rose to it.

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick very victoria

My picks:

Bond girl for a work ready red – I would use this day/night

Very Victoria for a matte brown (winter) – I would use this day/night

Hepburn Honey – caramel peachy brown (for summer) – I would you this day/night paired with smokey eye

Red carpet red – for the evening!


Creamy, easy to apply with the square nib, and they have an amazing vanilla pod scent.

They won’t hydrate your lips in a glossy way as they are suppose to be matte, but at the same time they won’t flake your lips either.

My tip: if you have quite dry flaky lips to begin with, make sure you prep in evening before bed. I like to use the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm – its a classic and my beauty must have.

My next: I’m looking at at Secret Salma hot lips lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury’s collection. Has anyone tried it? Did you like it?  I’ll update as more colours are tested 🙂

Hope you have all enjoyed this and it has helped in choosing colours.


All images shot on my iPhone 6 Plus




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